A Guide to Safe Travel: Top 5 Anti-Theft Travel Products

Traveling is a well-spent leisure activity that we all enjoy. Taking time off from your busy schedule to kick it back in a cozy hut in the Bahamas sounds like a plan. Thing is, how secure are your valuables during your trip? More than 65% of passengers between the ages of 21-56 report cases of stolen and or missing valuables while on vacation. Sometimes these things can’t be helped, but we got just the thing for you.

What are Anti-theft products:

These are products specifically designed to help safeguard the contents within it making it less susceptible to theft. The help ensures that your belonging is well intact the products feature a variety of mechanisms that do the job of making it harder for unwanted access to your belonging.


When traveling it can be easy to lose vital personal belongings that will help you navigate the area with ease. Losing a credit card or a passport can be divesting, especially on foreign grounds. With the use of a good anti-theft wallet, you can prevent the loss of your items today. Below we review some of the best anti-theft products in our opinion.

Top 5 Anti Theft Products:

1. Kuko Smart Bluetooth wallet

Starting off, we have the Kuko smart anti-theft wallet. The product features Bluetooth connectivity to locate your wallet in the event you misplace it. Through your smartphone, you can track the wallet’s location whenever, where ever with ease. The wallet features a USB port to facilitate the recharging of the device. It is a Bluetooth wallet after all.


-made from pure cow leather.

-spacious interior


-low power consumption


– design

– one color(black)

-Needs recharging



2.Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Shoulder Bag(Anti-theft)

In the anti-theft market, Pacsafe is a well reputable brand that delivers. The Pacsafe L200 offers travelers anti-slash resistance as well as quality anti-theft resistance. Features smart zipper technology and RFID safe blocking inner compartment pocket to secure your valuables.


– Spacious and can hold the 5litre water bottle.

– Slash resistance

– Security lock

-color variety


– Nylon material

– Front flap makes it a bit difficult to access the front compartment of the bag. Perhaps a bit too much anti-theft?

3. Peak gear travel money belt

The peak gear money belt is for travelers who enjoy keeping their belonging close to them. While Fanny packs offer the same, the peak gear money belt offers security.


– lightweight

– Comfortable on the skin (no skin irritations)

-Quality material


-only holds for small items

-can be ripped with enough force

4. Lewis N Clarke RFID Neck wallet.

Another anti-theft wallet is the Lewis Clarke Neck wallet. This wallet provides the user access to the wallet with the neck strap keeping it close to them unlike a regular wallet where you have to store in a pocket.


-RFID blocking technology

-Slim design

-Lightweight and durable

-Multiple compartments


-Can be strenuous carrying on your neck all day

  1. Travelon Anti-theft backpackThere’s enough theft protection for everyone. Backpackers too get a piece of this action. The Travelon anti-theft backpack is lightweight and has all the necessity a backpack would have but now including anti-theft mode. Simply put, Travelon got you covered. The backpack features 16 X 12 inches of space, giving you more room to store more items.


    – Large and spacious to fit all your items

    – It’s great for everyday backpackers

    – Nice way of organizing your belongings inside

    -locking zippers

    -adjustable and anti-slash shoulder straps


    – straps are not long

    – good for a casual but not heavy duty backpacker.