Airport Parking – How to Save

Any person who travels frequently using the airport can bear witness to the high expenses incurred in car parking or getting transportation to and from the airport. However, King Shaka airport parking rates offer quite a number of options that can be used if you are running on a low budget. Prior planning can make airport parking cheaper and faster while at the same time keeping your car safe during the entire period that you are away. If your wish to save money by using the best airport parking method, then the tips below will come in handy.

Use your Own Garage

Using your own garage is one of the easiest methods that you can use in saving money that would otherwise be incurred in paying airport packing fees. When travelling together with your kids or family members, you can ask your driver or friend to drop you off at the airport before taking the car back to the garage. By using this method, you will not only save money but also time that would otherwise be spent in searching for a parking space or traveling from a parking facility using shuttle buses.

Use Discounted Monthly Payments

If you are fond of travelling outside town using a plane, it is highly advisable that you start making monthly payments which are way cheaper than the normal payment. Most airports and car parking companies that work with the airport have a monthly parking fee for regular travelers or those going for long term trips. This method saves you more than you can imagine since a discount is given to any person who makes a full monthly payment.

Make use of Public Transport

Instead of parking your car at the airport, one can opt for a taxi, bus or even a train to access the airport. When using this method, you can either leave your car at home, at your friend’s place or with Travelcar. Travelcar is one of the best options since you will also be paid for every mile that your car will cover while you are away.

Earlier Booking

Some airports allow their customers the opportunity of booking a parking space days before their trip. Furthermore, one is given a discount on the overall price after booking an airport parking space days before they set on their trip. This method not only saves you money but also saves time that would otherwise be used in sourcing for a parking space.

Make use of credit cards that offer discount for Airport Parking

Paying airport packing fees using a credit card might sometimes give you discounts than when using cash. Before you decide to pay the parking fees, you should look for any programs that may offer discounts such as using credit cards to make payments.

Although airport parking fees are normally annoying, it is advisable that you look for cheap alternatives that can be relied upon. With the right methods in place, paying large sum of money for airport parking will be a thing of the past.