How To Buy A Quality Diamond Engagement Ring?

It’s always difficult and hectic to go through all information trying to find a quality product at a good price. Wedding rings are not left out in this. Navigating the minefield when it comes to diamonds is not easy but with the right guidance and right information, it’s as easy as ABC. Some will even tell you to save a huge sum of money, like a three month’s salary. That’s not true at all. Here am going to show on how to get not only the best deal on an engagement ring but also how to protect yourself from cons. Your choice should be based on the following;

1. Choosing a certificate There are many certified diamond brands out there, but it will be advisable to go for GIA and AGS certified diamond for engagement ring Los Angeles. There are these other types like IGI, EGL, and HRD certified diamonds. These types are inconsistency in their grading.

2. The symmetry polished and fluorescence These should be part of your consideration since they also affect the quality of the stone, but not its appearance. It may be visible to the naked eye but to the professionals, it’s more visible. Though some factors am going to talk about below carry more weight, these too will since it’s your lifetime jewelry.

3. Consider the color grade The color of the diamond has a more serious effect when it comes to both the diamond’s price and appearance, more than its clarity. It’s wise to find the best color and what each color costs. Different shapes reflect different colors at their different strengths. The diamond’s appearance and its price do greatly depend on its shape.

4. Optimal grade clarity Does the diamond more clear to the naked eye? That’s what actually matters its means it will be eye-catching to everyone else who passes by. But if it will cost you more and never give you anything in return. The lowest clarity grade is what you should opt for instead but still clean. Consider evaluating your clarity online since most vendors show you the diamond after you have bought it and not before.

5. Consider the cut quality You should know how big of a stone you need and what shape. Now your concern should be the quality of the cut. The cut makes the diamond more notable. Thus affecting the price. But this differs from vendor to vendor since the cut is not standardized. i. Two major diamond qualities A good example of nice and stunning diamonds is the true hearts collection and the Blue Nile’s Astor collection.

6. Decide on the diamond shape This should be the second important factor to look at when choosing the type of diamond to buy for engagement ring. It’s best to seek information from your partner’s friends on the type of diamond she likes or expects. The last thing you need is to ask her about it. The most common type of diamonds are the round ones. The shape, however, can affect the price of a loose diamond, and diamonds that are loose but brilliantly round cost more.

7. Have a defined carat weight range

This should be the basic factor to consider when shopping for diamonds. This has the most effect on the price compared to other factors. This also carries more weight than other factors since the weight will definitely determine the size of the diamond.

My advice If you are opting to buy your diamond online, remember most vendors dealing online have a 30-day return policy on their diamonds so it will be wise to order early enough before the wedding day. This will give you room to return if you get it wrong.