How to Create Great Content: Strategy That Works

What should my topic be?

There’s nothing worse than reading a post only to find yourself lost within its pages without knowing where you left off! To make sure this doesn’t happen when you start blogging, think about what kind of topics interest you and why. If you love traveling, maybe travel photography would be perfect for you. Or if you enjoy cooking, food might be the ideal subject matter. Whatever you decide upon, make sure it interests you enough to continue posting regularly.

When choosing your niche, remember to choose something that you feel passionate about and could potentially help others too. For example, if you wanted to share tips on healthy eating, perhaps fitness might not be the right choice. However, if you were sharing recipes for delicious cakes, then baking may be the perfect fit.

Now that you’ve decided on a topic, it’s time to brainstorm ideas. There are many ways to come up with new ideas. Keep reading to know how to create great content.

1) Think back over all the things you loved doing growing up – playing sports, watching movies, going camping, etc. What did you always dream of trying? Write down these thoughts and see if anything comes up.

2) Look around your house/office and notice everything that sparks joy. You’ll probably end up coming across lots of different items that spark joy such as photos, knickknacks, old toys, etc. Keep them close by and use them to fuel your creativity.

3) Read magazines and books related to your chosen field. Try to identify common themes between the stories and try to relate those to your own life experiences.

4) Ask friends and family members questions about their hobbies and passions. They may even offer advice on areas you haven’t considered before.

5) Watch YouTube videos relating to your passion. These tend to be very creative and often include funny anecdotes. Some channels focus solely on specific subjects. Others feature multiple vloggers talking about various aspects of their lives.

6) Use Pinterest. It allows you to search for inspiration based on keywords and categories.

7) Take note of other bloggers’ websites and read their bios. See what kinds of topics they cover and how well they do it. Are they successful? Do they seem happy? How does their site look? Is there anything you’d change?

8) Make a list of every hobby you ever had. Then go through each item and ask yourself “what was I really interested in?” Chances are, you enjoyed some aspect of each activity. Maybe you liked art classes, music lessons, computer games, dancing, drawing, sewing… whatever it was, chances are you still get excited thinking about it now. Why not turn that excitement into a website or blog?

9) Go outside. Get fresh air and sunshine. When you return home, spend 15 minutes relaxing and reflecting on your day. Notice what made you happiest during your break. Was it seeing a friend, spending quality time with your partner, listening to music, taking a walk, painting, making dinner…? Now imagine turning that feeling into a project. That’s your topic.