How to Grow your Instagram Account?

Instagram is a hub where local businesses and global businesses are using to gain visibility to the virtual world. Instagram has more than 500 million active users per day. 80% of these users follow one or many business accounts. Instagram is even predicting to have more active users than Facebook by 2020. Instagram is actually in its golden age.

To grow your Instagram account, you need to have more views on your posts and also get your audience engaged. For you to have an Instagram account with thousands of followers you need some strategic efforts, persistence, and patience. While consistency is vital to having many Instagram followers it is understandable that you don’t always have your phone on hand 24/7 seven days a week. The big question is if there are ways to grow an Instagram account faster. The answer to this is yes. Keep reading to the end to get great tips on how to grow your Instagram account in no time.

Many people are struggling to follow the footsteps of those who have succeeded, its a nice idea but why not go your own way. Here are some known ways that will pump life to your Instagram account to get targeted Instagram followers.

  1. Post Creative Content

People are going to like, comment and share your posts only if your content is creative. There is no substitute for posting creative content if you wanna grow your account. To get great visual use vivid colors and also frame your photos well.

Instead of posting the products and services you offer, create interesting stories around them. All your posts should be original and not copied. People tend to share something they have come across for the first time. No one will be interested to follow you if all your posts aren’t original, no one loves re-reading posts.

  1. Consistent Posting

Don’t wait until you reach the targeted Instagram followers to start posting. Consistent posting is key to growing your Instagram account. The more often you post the more your followers and engagement rate grows. You should post more than six times in a week. You can also encourage your followers to create and post content such as photos, videos, and gifs with your products. For a higher engagement rate try to post your content between 9 am and 7 pm.

  1. Use Right Hashtags

The main reason for using hashtags is to reach the audience that ain’t following you. Using the right hashtags helps you get noticed by the right audience. Before using a hashtag have a look at its search volume. Use hashtags that will give your posts more engagement. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, the more hashtags the better but research have shown that posts with 7 to 9 hashtags have high engagement rate.

  1. Socialize

Instagram is a social media platform. You need to leave a comment in your own and other peoples posts. Genuine comments and questions motivate followers to post more of your products.

  1. Create a Hashtag

Creating your own hashtag is a great way to gain new content and build the community for your account. Create a unique and memorable hashtag and then encourage people to use it. When people start using your hashtag, repost their photos as a way to give them credit.