How to Manage Employees When Your Team Is Remote

Appropriate work tools

When working remotely, communication between team members must be at its best. In line with your goals and company needs, the right tool can allow the team to collaborate effectively and efficiently. There are many tools currently that can allow a remote team to chat, video conference, and also manage projects among other many more functions.

As a company, this might call for you to invest in some infrastructure. You might need to purchase a business subscription in terms of management software and video conferencing capabilities. With such dedicated systems, you can easily meet your targets.


At the office, you can bump into a junior and ask them how things are or how the family is. But, that’s not the same in an online environment. You must be intentional about one-on-one contact with the different members of your team. Prepare a schedule where you can video conference them and discuss anything and everything. This will break down the walls between you and allow you to cover different topics.

Setting expectations

A remote work environment is a novel idea for most employees and employers. And while some might think of an avenue to slack on working hours and availability, this is where the manager must come out clear. You must clear expectations when it comes to meeting times, deliverables, means of communication, working hours, and responding to messages/emails.

Different time zones

This is quite the challenge. Due to the different time-zones, conferring of meetings might be an issue leading to issues in communication. Lack of proper communication will lead to delayed projects and heightened emotions.

It is recommended that you spread the burden of inconvenient timelines across your employees. That way, no-one can say a particular person is being favored.

All industries are embracing technological advancements. Services and goods are being offered online. The new marketplace is virtual. Therefore, having the right tips when it comes to managing a remote team is essential for any manager. You can still create a suitable environment and guide your team to the best year yet.