Is social media hurting your self-esteem?

Luxurious lifestyle

Many people on social media flaunt their luxurious lifestyles and show people how much money they have. This leads to an inferiority complex, as many people cannot even think about having so many resources. However, they should make the most out of it by considering the effects of social media on self-esteem. One should keep reminding himself that God has blessed everyone differently, and it is okay not to have everything.

Happy lives

Many people on social media are seen to be so happy. They seem to be cheering, laughing, and enjoying themselves with others. This prompts others to think about how it can be possible and why they are so happy. The bitter truth is that nobody would ever show themselves being unhappy on social media. Everyone has lows in their lives, but people just do not show it. Hence, you should never be deceived when you see others happy. Happiness is not what we see on social media. What people need to understand is that the happiness that we see on Instagram is not true. Sometimes Instagrammers have to fake a smile to keep their audience entertained. After all, social media is not about posting your unhappy days because people are not interested in listening to your rants and other problems.


Some sects and cultures do not permit many activities that youngsters want to do which are popular on social media. For instance, on social media, it is completely okay to come home late at night and their parents do not even seem bothered about it. Many adolescents suffer from inferiority complex and end up fighting with their families for freedom. What is important to understand here is that the people on social media undergo many risks that you might not be capable of handling, and above all such activities are too dangerous. Thus, social media should always consider the positive effects of social media on self-esteem.

To summarize, the world of social media often is murky and is an illusion. What we see is not what it is in reality. People envy fellow social media users and consider themselves inferior, whereas the bitter truth is that you are often far luckier and happier compared to them. What needs to be understood is that ups and downs are part of life and once you learn to tackle them and take them positively, you will be good to go.