The Situations Where You Will Need a Drug and Alcohol Testing

Where to test blood for drugs and alcohol?

To test your blood for drugs and alcohol, visit the website or get tested at a public or private clinic. These clinics have all the necessary equipment, quality reagents, and materials to conduct laboratory tests. Long processing will require only a chemical toxicological study (about 3-4 days), other tests are conducted quickly, and the result is ready on the day of treatment. Thus, timely detected addiction will help close relatives to undertake treatment of the addict without any consequences for their further life in society.

How to speed up the drug withdrawal process?

The state of human health has a major impact on the speed of drug withdrawal from the body. Kidneys, liver, lymphatic and endocrine systems must work properly, only then the drugs will be eliminated quickly. It is possible to speed up the elimination of drugs only after you have stopped using them. It is important to normalize the work of internal organs as much as possible. Full nutrition, drinking, and moderate physical activity will help to restore the work of organs and tissues. If the addict is unable to stop on his own, it is necessary to call specialists at home. Medical professionals with the help of medication intervention will remove intoxication and also offer to go for treatment at a specialized clinic. Today there are enough narcological institutions where you can get rid of drug and alcohol addiction absolutely anonymously.

Drugs detoxification at home and at the clinic

Cleansing the body of toxins due to drug use is simply necessary. Detoxification may be required by both a beginner after an overdose and an inveterate addict. With each ingestion of the drug, the internal organs take a hit, unable to cope with the processing of incoming poisons. The whole body suffers as a result of constant poisoning. If the body is not cleansed, an overdose or withdrawal can be fatal. Detoxification at home or in a narcological hospital should only be performed by specialists. If the procedure is done correctly, the following changes occur:

  • normalization of the blood composition;
  • complete removal of the drug-containing substance and decay products;
  • restoration of the work of internal organs;
  • restoration of the mental state of the addict.

The detoxification procedure does not provide complete recovery from severe addiction. A complex approach that includes the work of psychologists, therapists, narcologists, psychotherapists, and neurologists is important here. An addict must free himself not only from physical addiction. He must change psychologically and socially and understand that sober life is much brighter and more interesting.

Who needs a drug or alcohol test?

Drug and alcohol testing may be necessary for different situations. For example, if participants are required to prove that they do not have illegal drugs in their blood or if they have to undergo a medical examination when committing an offense. If a new job requires working with a large number of people or in a hazardous workplace, substance and alcohol testing will also be required. A drug test is requested by a forensic examiner if the case involves a conflict situation, such as a traffic accident or a fight. It is a strong argument for the court when establishing custody of a child. Regular testing will also help to detect a breakdown in a treated patient in a timely manner.