Top Health Influencers To Follow On Instagram

If you’re trying to become a successful influencer and grow your account on the platform, it is essential to understand the importance to get Instagram followers by organic means to gain a genuine audience that will regularly engage and interact with your content.

The following article will shortlist the best Instagram influencers to follow in 2022 relating to the health and wellness sector, as they post regular content on the latest ways and tips to staying healthy and focus on overall wellness for their followers. 

Dr. Mark Hyman

The profile has an educational approach toward health and regularly posts content relating to what food to eat and what impact different food items have on the human body. The posts also highlight the importance of having proper sleep, and the positive impact it has on the overall health and wellness of a person. The content is mostly surrounded by technical knowledge and expertise on the matter since Dr. Hyman is a scientist, physician, and author of a famous book exhibiting ways how to live a longer and healthier life. 

Kayla Itsines

She is one of the most followed and best health and fitness influencers on Instagram. She posts a wide variety of health-related content, including workout routines, and diet-related suggestions. Furthermore, she has marketed a health-related app SWEAT which is regarded as one of the top health and well-being related apps out there. Her content is a must to follow for people who want to stay fit and stay connected to the latest trends and techniques for staying healthy. 

Amanda Rocchio

Amanda has one of the highest numbers of followers on Instagram by an influencer, and she posts regularly relating to nutrition. Her content is easily understandable for everyone and provides her followers with unique recipes and content which are appreciated by food lovers in general. Her website, “101 healthy snacks”, is dedicated to helping people fulfill their food desires while keeping in mind the impact it will have on their health. Her account is well regarded in the industry and a source of endless positivity for anyone wishing to follow her.

How to Relieve

The account is dedicated to helping people deal with one of the most difficult health-related problems in back pains. The account posts regularly on how to reduce back pain and offers support and encouragement for the people suffering from the issue. Their content includes fitness excises demonstrated by professional coaches. They provide educational content and videos for people to learn more about their problems and discuss ways how to reduce their discomfort and the chance of further damaging their problems. 

These accounts are a must-follow for everyone concerned about their general wellbeing. Following all of the above accounts will provide a diverse source of help related to staying healthy and enjoying a high quality of life.