How much do traffic controllers get paid in Australia?

The job of traffic control is one that is not only exciting because you have to face new and dire challenges every day, but it is also reasonably rewarding if you have the right certifications, skills, and qualifications. Like most jobs, it must be understood that the one of traffic controlling is also very challenging and has its fair share of disadvantages, but that doesn’t mean that it is not worth it or such a job should not be taken by any means possible. Many people opt to become traffic controllers at a young age and enrol in courses online as well as in-person so that they become properly qualified. The amount of money they get paid initially is more than enough to cover the traffic control course cost and add to the overall savings.

However, before moving on to the exact figures of how much an average traffic controller earns in a year, the exact duties and responsibilities of a traffic controller must be aptly described as well. All of this is discussed below under the following headings.

What does a Traffic Controller do?

Road Traffic Controllers are the ones who are responsible primarily for directing the flow of traffic to and from the desired destinations. They ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and anyone who is, directly and indirectly, involved in the flow of traffic. Other than this, traffic controllers set up, manage, and also remove temporary traffic signals and signs. They also take instructions from there managers and also direct these same instructions to their subordinates regarding the management of traffic flow. Traffic Controllers are also responsible for completing site checks as well as for monitoring traffic behaviour. Lastly, traffic controllers may also be handed with the tasks of drafting and communicating the traffic plans for certain streets and locations to other traffic control members. Without traffic controllers, the incidents of accidents or other related incidents would be on the rise.

How much do Traffic Controllers make?

The salaries of Traffic Controllers may vary from individual to individual and may depend upon the area where they are working. In simpler words, Melbourne’s wages may be different from the salaries being offered in places like Queensland, Sydney, or Canberra, etc. However, according to, a typical Traffic Controller may earn around $30 AUS per hour. Of course, this rate may go up or drop down depending upon the exact qualifications of the particular individual. Similarly, gives a clearer picture of the overall scenario by providing a monthly figure of the expected salary. According to the website, Traffic Controllers can expect to earn about $5,000 AUS each month. However, the site also says that this figure can fluctuate also depending upon the private company that is hiring. Some companies quote an average rate of $4,800 AUS per month, while others offer approximately $5,200 AUS as well. Hence, on average, the salary is around the figure of $5,000 AUS each month.